The only vehicle to Originality

Is your own Perspective.

I see myself at the end of that tube. 

Fourteen years old

(metaphorically speaking).

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Original Writing.  Striking Images.

For Select Athletes, Certain Businesses

and Underserved Community Education Programs.

Links to recent articles:

Links to Recent Articles:

Surfer Today:  "Avocados and Super Glue:  A Day in the Life."


Surfer Today"Surviving World War Flight Missions & Nazare Waves."

Stand Up Journal:  "Who is Papi Flow?  A Brief History of Bodysurf
and the Shaka in North Africa."
Stand Up Journal:  "Jess Leedy, SUP Puerto Escondido, Mexico.
Get along with it all."


Surfer Today:  "Big Wave Wife and Big Wave Mom."

Coastal Angler:  "Lance Clinton:  Never Let Them See You Coming."

Surfer Today:  "Puerto Escondido Bodysurf Contest & The Day of the Dead."

Surfer Today:  "Reflections of a Big Wave Surf Contest."
Surfer Today:  "Kiteboarding at Puerto Escondido."
Surfer Today:  "Bodysurf Puerto Escondido with Mark Drewelow."
Stand Up Journal:  "Fernando Stalla:  What a Surfer Sounds Like."


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