I'm a writer.  A photographer.


For 15 years I was an International and Urban teacher 

in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Cairo, Istanbul, Costa Rica and Mexico

and have a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership 

and a Principal Certificate from NJ.


I wrote four books in the past seven years 

and know that I can write 1,500 words a day.

I can edit also edit 1,500 words in a work day.

(just not in the same day :)


I'm fluent in Spanish and mostly don't remember Arabic and Turkish;

But I'll never forget either culture

(And could re learn both in about 6 weeks.)


I just finished a project that I was working on for the past year:

Profiles from Puerto Escondido, Mexico.


Puerto has one of the top 10 heaviest waves in the world.

I have roughly 125 Profiles written

and worked specifically with the Junior Lifeguards,

the Lifeguards and the Pioneers of Surf of Puerto

(the old folk).


I swim and bodysurf in big waves and take water photography.


I'm 48 and roughly same weight I was in high school

except now my resting heart rate dips into the 30's.


In the past 3 months I've had 8 articles published.

I live in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.