For about 20 years I was an International and Urban teacher 

in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Cairo, Istanbul, Costa Rica and Online. 


I have a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership 

and a Principal Certificate from NJ.


I wrote four books in the past 9 years. 

I can write 1,500 words a day.

I can also edit 1,500 words in a work day

(just not in the same day :).

I'm fluent in Spanish and mostly don't remember Arabic and Turkish;

But I'll never forget either culture

(And could re learn both in about 6 weeks.)

I recently completed a project that I was working on for the past 9 years:

Profiles from Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Puerto has one of the top 10 heaviest waves in the world.

I have roughly 125 Profiles written

and worked specifically with the Junior Lifeguards,

the Lifeguards and the Pioneers of Surf of Puerto

(the old folk).

I've had over a dozen of the Profiles published.

The overarching theme is Cultural Integration.


The conclusion is that offering Education and Opportunity

is the highest calling.

If we can provide Education and Opportunity to the most at-risk,

the world can surely continue to become a better place.

I read, rest, run, and swim.  I used to chase butterflies.

I live in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.