Advocate (n):  a person who promotes or supports a cause or a group.

Excerpt from a Recent Profile:

A 20 year old professional athlete sits across the table from me.

He puts his elbows on his knees and his back stretches out;

His head is in his hands to hide his face as he composes himself.

He picks his head up and runs an index finger across his brow one last time

"I went to that meeting alone..."

He was describing what he considers his worst financial mistake

thus far in his 6 year career.

And it was based on a decision he made

When he was 15.

And sitting across a negotiating table

with a Multinational Surf Company.

The athlete and the Company shall remain nameless.

Assigning blame is not the point.

The goal of Latin American Surfers Advocacy is to try and make that happen less.

 Latin American Surfers Advocacy (LASA)

Latin Americans represent 37% of World Surf League Athletes. 

Their collective voice is unrepresented.

To that end, Latin American Surfers Advocacy will:

  1. Provide Translation services for Latin American Surfers.

  2. Provide English Language Learning Workshops supported with Youtube Videos.

  3. Provide Guidelines for understanding Sponsorship and Self Promotion.

  4. Parental Surf Career Management Assistance:  Schooling, languages, fundraising, on-tour.

  5. Provide GED Prep and Testing.

  6. Provide a Sustainable Model for Surf Town Tourism using: Juniors Lifeguards, Pioneers of Surf, Surf Contest Management and the development of local Historical Societies.

  7. Advocate for the environment and sustainable development.

  8. Advocate for free high speed internet access and Safe Hotspots.


FUNDING:  Kickstarter, International Partners

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