A Note from the Contest Director: An Introduction and Safety.

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Godofredo Vasquez was the first person I presented the idea to.

Godo has been Captain of the Lifeguards and Director of the Junior Lifeguards of Puerto Escondido for over 20 years.

I’ve worked with Godo for the past four seasons of Junior Lifeguards.

And the past two years I’ve helped

with his Bodysurf Zicatela Puerto Escondido Contest in August.

For more on Godo see "Waiting for Godo, A Heavy Water Rescue."

The second person I asked permission was Patrice Missett.

Without the support of Godo and Patrice the project wouldn’t have made it this far.

A Few Notes on Safety:

The Puerto Escondido Lifeguards under the Direction of Godofredo Vasquez will cover safety for the event.

Mandatory Pre Contest Safety Meeting will be translated into English and Spanish. We will also have an Australian and a Scottish Translator available.

A 2 Person Rescue Ski Team: 1 Pilot and Swimmer will be present and/or in the water at the discretion of Godo. Contest Director reserves the right to err on the side of caution in matters of safety.

Each swimmer in each Heat will have a Spotter.

Spotters Directive: maintain visual contact during the entire heat with their assigned Swimmer. Most importantly: the critical moments regaining visual contact after a wipeout. Those are critical lifesaving seconds.

Spotters are under the direction of the Beach Marshal.

Spotters are in a clearly marked area close to the water’s edge.

In uniform colors with their swimmer. Spotter’s have whistles.

In the event a swimmer does not surface or otherwise is in need of Assistance: the Spotter will Stand, continuously blow their whistle, walk towards the water. Establish visual contact with the Rescue Ski Team, and with their outstretched arm indicate direction while continuing to visually locate the swimmer.

Every other Spotter will not take their eyes off their Swimmer.

Alternate Spotters will calmly and silently make their way to the Spotter Area.

Spotters will be chosen from the Junior Lifeguards of Puerto Escondido as an internship to Event Organization.

John P. Murphy

Contest Organizer

Bill MIssett Bodysurf Classic 2020

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