Bill Missett Bodysurf Classic: Masters Defined. Sountrack.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Competitors must be Born in the calendar year 1965.

Conception Clause: Competitors may have been conceived

in the calendar year 1965 up to but not after 1pm on

1 Jan 1966.

The Conception Clause allows for competitors

to have been born up to but not extending past 12am,

1 October 1966.

Long Term gestation appeals must be accompanied by original medical records and/or a Sworn Statement from an Eagle Scout who was present at the time of conception.

Notes from the Contest Director:

Music makes us and shapes us.

Collectively and Alone.

Below is a list of songs that made 1965.

And although you were just a baby

or just flash in your mother's eye at the time,

you're not the point.

These songs are the music the people around you loved.

Your mom loved one of these songs.

And your dad did too.

and maybe you or your brother or your sister named Sue.

One of these records was probably in your house.

And maybe you still remember

the groove of the scratch on vinyl

or the place where the needle skipped a beat

on the song as it plays in the back of yer head.

They're songs your parents hugged to

or danced,

Some of them are tattooed right on you.

Like a part of yer soul.

Master's Category: The Soundtrack:

Good Luck.



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