Bill Missett Bodysurf Classic: Red Light Green Light, Staff and Safety.

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The first person I approached about being a part of the Bill Missett Bodysurf Classic was Roxel Perez. We stood in her shop and her first question was "What if it’s big?”

I pointed to a pic behind her at the register and said, "On that one we go."

And then I walked around the shop and pointed to each photo by Woody Wordsworth that hung on the walls. Go. Go. Go. Go. No. No. No.

I got to the back of the shop where a yellow WSL Big Wave Rashguard hangs above a gun and I thought, "Well, if the waves are big enough that Jose Ramirez is going to haul out a 14 foot board, that'll be a Red Light Indicator for Bodysurfing."

The next two people I asked to work the competition, Ronnie Jones and Miguel Diaz Westside, both asked the same first question.

I offer below a visual example of Red Light Green Light: Bill Missett Bodysurf Classic 2020.

The following photos are from May 2019 at Playa Zicatela (the contest site).

Photos are by Miguel Diaz Westside, the official photographer of the Bill Missett Bodysurf Classic.

The rider is Joel Badina from Anglet, France, doing what he does. Joel recently placed 10th in the Pipeline Bodysurf Classic. (Joel was nudged out of 9th place by a surfing waterman of some renown.)

If it's like this photo from May 1, 2019, the Bill Missett Bodysurf Classic is On. Green Light.

Joel Badina bodysurfing Puerto Escondido.  Photo by Miguel Diaz Westside
Green Light Example Bill Missett Bodysurf Classic. Joel Badina. Photo by Miguel Diaz Westside.
Bodysurf Playa Zicatela Puerto Escondido.
Green Light Example Bill Missett Bodysurf Classic. Joel Badina, France. Photo by Miguel Diaz, Westside.

Joel Badina, France.  Photo by Miguel Diaz Westside.
Green Light Example: Bill Missett Bodysurf Classic.

Red Light Playa Zicatela.

If Playa Zicatela presents like the photo below, we move to La Punta.

La Punta will still drown you, just in a different way.

Playa Zicatela Boysurf Red Light Example.
Red Light Size. Bill Missett Bodysurf Classic. Photo by West. Rider Unknown.

Many Thanks.

For a Comprehensive look at what May Presents in Puerto Escondido

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John P. Murphy

Contest Director

Bill Missett Bodysurf Classic 2020

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