Bodysurfing Gillis Beach with Mike Stewart and Kalani Lattanzi. #IBSD

Updated: May 4, 2020

International Bodysurfing Day

1 May was a success.

And is set in stone.

It's a day to celebrate and reflect.

There was a need,

Let's continue to fill that need

with a vision of Bodysurf in the Olympics.

(The social media posts for

International Bodysurfing Day

have begun to propagate on Google Search.)


Success and Attitude.

When I asked Kalani Lattanzi for an interview he said,

"Sure, anything for bodysurfing."

And when I asked John Shearer and Gillis Beach Bodysurfing Association

to support International Bodysurfing Day

he sent back a formal letter

of endorsement (tout suite).

And when I asked Mike Stewart

to help fill the need for International Bodysurfing Day he wrote back:

"What can I do?"

I read the message and thought:

“That's the (insert expletive) attitude!”

Success and Attitude

are intimately related,

ut how does Bodysurfing

fit into that equation?

Because up and down the line

of folk who bodysurf,

I only met with that same attitude.

It’s not a zero sum endeavor...


Grease Theme On Leaders, on Bodysurfers:

“They take conventions

and they throw away


belongs to yesterday.

There is a chance

that we can make it so far

we got to believe right now

that we can be who we are...”

Be who you are.

Bodysurf: It’s the word.

It’s the word, it’s the word.

It’s groove.

It’s got feeling.

More to come...

Gracias a la vida.

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