Celebrations, Activities and Archives: International Bodysurfing Day. 1 May 2021

Updated: May 2

Dedicated to Bob Burnside, Waterman (1932-2019).

Listed Below are activities to be considered.

How you mix the lists

Is a confession of which you only will know,

And of which you are solely responsible.

1. Quiet Reflection.

What does Bodysurf mean to you?

Why that?

How has it enhanced your experience as a human being?

Bodysurf is a vehicle.

Where has it taken you?

Write it. You’ll learn something about something.

2. Go Bodysurfing. Inspired by Kalani Lattanzi (KL is Stoke).

3. “Play it Where it Lies.” Inspired by Hal Handley and Ryan Masters

Can’t get in the water?

You’re still a bodysurfer.

Hold your breathe until you can’t no more.

Take one breathe and do it again.


Snap a pic. Ha.

4. Break out the archives. Inspired by John Shearer and Kevin “Mel” Thoman.

Wear that Club or Comp Shirt.

Snap a pic of (or Scan) an Old Photo.

Snap a pic of memorabilia.

5. Plan a “Get Together.”

Too Cold. No Waves. Who cares.