Going to Work: Mother's Day Swell May 2020 Puerto Escondido. Swell Madre. Madre Swell!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Mother Nature's gift.

Most surfers here

have been outta the water

for over a month.

The swell hit on Saturday.

She came in haggard and heavy

and wasn't happy with the sand bar set up.

Minor adjustments were made,

like an orchestra tuning up

seconds before

the conductor taps a thin baton.

Some were out of tune.

Playa Zicatela. Photo by John P. Murphy
Under control. Photo by John P. Murphy.

Kurt Rist, Pro.

Apart from choosing wisely.

He's sure footed

(without being heavy footed).

Here's Kurt going to work

and staying dry at the same time.

Playa Zicatela.

The Farbar Right

Kurt Rist. Photo by John P. Murphy.

Ride 'er out. Tucker 'er down. Set yer saddle. Then giddy up hard for the outside (if only just for training).

See how he's still riding that wave out?

He's going to gently land with his hands on the rails,

push into a shallow duck dive just to get wet

and place himself in balance on the board.

He pops up, swings his hair and starts paddling.

Board control.

Economy of motion.

East Coast Surf:

Kurt's School in thee Hamptons:

Hamptons Surf Co.

Kurt's Board:

Jeff Claus of Prescription Surf, Artist.

And Patron of the Arts.

Bespoke Surfboards.

Since 1982


Working Mother's Day.

Puerto Escondido Beaches are officially closed.

I'd say a respectable and peaceful act of civil disobedience

encouraged understanding between

Federal Authorities

and the Surf Community.

Everybody went to work.

Or did what they do.

No confrontations. No arrests.

Nothing to see here but community.

And stoke.

MOther's Day Swell May 2020
Ghost Train Caboose.
Photo by John P. Murphy
Jose Ramirez Rito. Patience and Experience.
Head high on the inside baby. Playa Zicatela. Madre Swell!
Coco Nogales, Pro Big Wave Surfer. At Home.
Up and Over. Apart from padding for your life. There's the question in your head: What's on the other side?
And then there were three.

Jafet Ramos, Pro. Puerto Escondido Local. Checking his mark.

And they paddled off.

And I wondered,

"Where are they going?"

Photo by John P. Murphy

Mother's Day Swell

May 2020.

Twas a show.

But riders were a detail to the story.

It's the wave

And the stoke

That will Live On

(long after we're gone).

Mother's Day Swell May 2020. Playa Zicatela, Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Photo by John P. Murphy

Gracias a la vida.

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More to follow on Mother's Day Swell 2020.

Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Madre Swell.

Swell Madre.

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