Jaret Noyola Inspires

First time I met Jaret Noyola was the afternoon before the Puerto Cup 2019

I didn't know how special that day was.

I do now.

Ever since I've been inspired by bearing witness to youthful bliss.

I'm reminded on a daily basis of the time

when I ran home from school

to change my clothes and tear out of the house for a bike or a ball.

The afternoon of the photos Big Wave Surfers talked safety in the Puerto Cup Press Conference

And Jaret and the local kids were tear assing around solo En Zicatela.

I swam from the Press Conference at Selina to Far Bar where I got these shots.

There was swell and an offshore that produced torrential rain on the backside.

When you could make it to the backside.

I surfaced and he was down there for a while.

Where the waves turn the seconds to hours.

(Spanish Notes: Jaret no llegó facil. Estaba abajo por un rato hermano... donde las olas transforman los segundos a horas.)

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