La Entrada: 25 Kicks with Kpaloa at Playa Zicatela.

There are roughly 10,987 things that can go wrong otherwise.

But it's still just 25 kicks. And several seconds surfacing.

And it's not 35 kicks.

If you do 35 kicks

you better be able to do 60.

Thirty five kicks and you surface too late,

too far, into another impact zone

and you won't get yourself a breathe.

It's a question of covering the impact zone

(from as deep as you can get)

and popping up for one breathe (sans foam).

If you can get two breathes

(and nothing is broken or bleeding or missing from your body)

Life is good

(in spite of the wall of water coming your way).

At the end of every wipe out in heavy water,

when the leash is broken and your board gone,

And if your bodyboarding... it's a little better.

Your bodyboard is gone

but you're just 100% thankful to be left with one Kpaloa Fin attached.

At that moment, after every great wipe out,

everyone becomes a survival swimmer.

Bodysurf: The Basis of Self Rescue.

For big people and little people.

Big Waves or little waves.


Kpaloa Fins mean Air.

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