Pioneers Paddle Out.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Un circulo.

Como la vida propia.

Recuerdos con los que estan

y recuerdos de los que no.

Y nuestra pequenña role

y la obra maestra (aunque desconocida).

Los caminos de vida...

no son como yo pensaba...


Don Silvestre, dando del corazon

a dar sentida

de esta vida.


Miguel Noyola

When I was 16 I read Life's Little Instruction Book.

Many of the lessons have served me well

and appeared repetitively throughout my life

regardless of culture or geographic region.

We all share the same finite set of emotions

to which we are all trying to make some sense.

I first met Miguel at a Pioneers of Surf Meeting

and have seen him a dozen times over the past three months.

We walked out of the radio station and he said, "Man, my heart was racing. I was so nervous."

I said, "What!" Real loud in the stairwell as we left.

Life's Little Instruction: If you're not brave, fake it. Most people won't notice the difference.

He was as cool as a cucumber during that interview. And I got close taking that picture.

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