Stand Up Paddle, Puerto Escondido Leader: Delia Monserrath Casteñeda and DMC SUP.

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Delia works with the Junior Lifegurads of Puerto Escondido, volunteering her time because opportunity for young people is a core value for her.

It's the same reason she donates her time with Caritas de Angelitos. Another little kid charity.

Last week after 18km, Delia came in with a Bronze Medal in the Juegos Nacionales de Surf de Mexico (cabrones).

And she helped the State of Oaxaca earn three SUP Medals in total.

The most important race she ever paddled in was her first one. She didn't finish. And she didn't like how that felt.


Alejandra Brito and Delia worked Water Safety for the swimming race in Puerto Escondido and stopped by the Pioneers of Surf Paddle Out.

Delia Monserrath Casteñada, Puerto Escondido Sup Leader

and Alejandra Brito will be hosting a series of SUP Events and CLinics around mexico in 2020.

More to follow.

Bravo ladies!

Orale Pues.

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