Primary Source Docs, Populist Pandering and Black Lives Matter.

Look at the world with honesty and love

is what Dr. King recommended

(And he borrowed it from Ghandi)

So I’m going with it.

A man died.

Another man is accused.

The problem isn’t race

As much as the Social Injustice of Inner City Living

And its main by-product: Violence

(that affects us like PTSD).

Social Injustice is colorblind…

So’s the violence that seeps into all the souls…

The teachers, the kids, the cops, nurses, docs and parents…

The bus drivers and shop owners.

Everyone is affected by the Social Injustice of Inner City Living.

It’s not fucking fair.

But it’s colorblind.

Primary Source Book: Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation.

by Jonathon Kozol.


Education was the overarching goal

of the Non Violent Civil Rights movement

Under MLK. He’s clear in his messages.

And whether it’s segregation, a salt tax

Or overcoming a personal sense of inferiority…

The first step is to look within oneself

for the necessary healing and power.

Before you marched with Martin

you had to go through a Purification Workshop.

The goal wasn’t to make white people stop saying Nigger

(that would be a consequence)

The goal was to make that word mean nothing.

Are you able to bear the hatred

of a person yelling in your face:

Nigger Nigger Nigger?

When you could do that,

you could go on the march.

The word and the person saying it

Were made powerless.

We’ve taken the opposite path

In the decades following His death.

We’ve made the word all powerful.

Know this:

No one can take your dignity

Unless you allow it.

Eleanor Roosevelt said that.

She was buds with MLK.

(In a 1960 Letter to Eleanor, King Wrote:

“To expedite matters

I will have Miss Maya Angelou,

The Co-ordinator of our New York office contact you.”)

Cool huh?


“What affects one of us affects all of us”

If you believe that

then you have compassion for Chauvin.

And his soon to be ex-wife.

And any hate or resentment you may hold.

Is the hate and resentment within yourself.


It’s hard being a big man.

I’d say being a big man played more of a role

Than race in how George Floyd’s

life played out.

George was 6’7”.