Primary Source Docs, Populist Pandering and Black Lives Matter.

Look at the world with honesty and love

is what Dr. King recommended

(And he borrowed it from Ghandi)

So I’m going with it.

A man died.

Another man is accused.

The problem isn’t race

As much as the Social Injustice of Inner City Living

And its main by-product: Violence

(that affects us like PTSD).

Social Injustice is colorblind…

So’s the violence that seeps into all the souls…

The teachers, the kids, the cops, nurses, docs and parents…

The bus drivers and shop owners.

Everyone is affected by the Social Injustice of Inner City Living.

It’s not fucking fair.

But it’s colorblind.

Primary Source Book: Amazing Grace: The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation.

by Jonathon Kozol.


Education was the overarching goal

of the Non Violent Civil Rights movement

Under MLK. He’s clear in his messages.

And whether it’s segregation, a salt tax

Or overcoming a personal sense of inferiority…

The first step is to look within oneself

for the necessary healing and power.

Before you marched with Martin

you had to go through a Purification Workshop.

The goal wasn’t to make white people stop saying Nigger

(that would be a consequence)

The goal was to make that word mean nothing.

Are you able to bear the hatred

of a person yelling in your face:

Nigger Nigger Nigger?

When you could do that,

you could go on the march.

The word and the person saying it

Were made powerless.

We’ve taken the opposite path

In the decades following His death.

We’ve made the word all powerful.

Know this:

No one can take your dignity

Unless you allow it.

Eleanor Roosevelt said that.

She was buds with MLK.

(In a 1960 Letter to Eleanor, King Wrote:

“To expedite matters

I will have Miss Maya Angelou,

The Co-ordinator of our New York office contact you.”)

Cool huh?


“What affects one of us affects all of us”

If you believe that

then you have compassion for Chauvin.

And his soon to be ex-wife.

And any hate or resentment you may hold.

Is the hate and resentment within yourself.


It’s hard being a big man.

I’d say being a big man played more of a role

Than race in how George Floyd’s

life played out.

George was 6’7”.

He was big enough to almost make it

as a professional player.

The highlight of that life

Is high school sports

and the rest is downhill.

When Pro doesn’t work out and with little invested in education.

You become a fucking bouncer at a strip club.

And surround yourself in a seedy environment

with late nights, alcohol and drugs.

And you’re the guy who has to break up fights

And try to make sure they never start in the first place.

It’s a Physical Dominance Game.

And that is roughly what bouncers get used to.

Service industry life in general is hard.

You end up staying up late, smoking and drinking.

A benefit of being a big man is that many times

you don’t have to raise your voice;

a downside is yer feet

are always hanging off the edge of the bed

and people fear you from a distance.

Thing about a big man is they can fall on you.

And somebody can get hurt.

If they can’t stand so well it takes two to hold them up.

And if they’re not within their good senses,

a sudden freak-out can be very dangerous.

(See Rashard Brooks video for sudden freak out

while being detained.)

And since George was a big man, you gotta put him on his stomach.

A big man on his back just won the MMA Title Fight.

A person on their back can kick.

They can take out your knee in a moment of

“Fuck this shit!” Rage.

You wanna roll the dice

on a limp the rest of your life?

As George lay on the ground both Chauvin and he were equally

Experiencing Social Injustice.

That didn’t have anything to do with their color.

He was big.

And he was Non Compliant.

Non Compliance put that knee on his neck.

And that's a drag for them both

that it came to that.

George made some bad choices.

The person who called 911 said to him:

Give back the cigarettes and you can go home.

That was just one of the opportunities George had.

And he didn't take it

And the booze didn't help his decision making.

His decisions are a reflection of Social Injustice.

Not race.

The rookie on his fourth day on the job?

He's experiencing Social Injustice.

They’re all Human Beings.

And we’re all living the same finite set of emotions.


NPR Artcile from 2015.

Some Key Facts We've Learned About Police Shootings Over The Past Year.

Deportment of Justice study 2003 to 2009:

96 Million Police Arrests.

4,800 deaths while in police custody

(that's .005%)

And that is also 1 Person a Day.

On any given day

that story could make a headline

and be no less tragic or unfortunate.

I’ve had my share of experiences with the police.

And each was scary in the beginning. Terrifying.

In many cases it was at night

And those flashing lights didn’t do anything

To put me at ease.

They made me more nervous.

But even in the daytime I was scared to shit

Until I had a chance to put the police at ease

By complying to whatever they asked.

And I never lied to a cop.

Everybody lies to them.

All day.

Not me.

And it’s paid off.

Cop at my open car window with his hand on his burner:

“Do you know how fast you were going?”

Me: “Almost 100.”

Tell the Truth, Don’t Lie
And Always Comply.

In an 8 City Study of Police Complaints from 2015.

One of the cities is Philadelphia.

Here is the link to the Original Arizona State Study by William Terrill.

Philly Stats:

72% of Officer Complaints are for Verbal Disrespect and Use of Force.

When I was a teacher at an Inner City Charter School in Philadelphia

I avoided engaging with any student who wasn’t in my class.

I let foul language and blatant disrespect pass:

of our Flag, Honor Code, Dress Code,

Respect Policy.

There were one or two kids who were never disrespectful

Even when we were angry at each other.

JL Brooks was one of them.

He’s a preacher man now in Philadelphia.

I wrote to him recently and said,

“Brooks, you were never disrespectful to me

Because you were strong enough to know

That you didn’t need to be disrespectful.

You were powerful enough and empowered enough

And educated enough to go beyond that…

And that is what I want for all people.

That’s what the civil rights movement wants.

Empowered people who are confident and making good choices.

You can’t change other people.

But you can change how you behave yourself.

Brooks... as you model, facilitate and guide your people…

Comply is not a dirty word.

Compliance decreases tension.

Compliance De escalates already highly risky situations.

And any encounter between two people that involves a gun and bullets

requires De Escalation and Compliance

because one feeds the other

as much as Resisting feeds Escalation

(And contributes to death in police custody).

There’s a reason Rosa Parks

didn’t get batonned off that bus.

She complied.

That is power.

And that is peaceful resistance." End Quote.

"I didn't resist." - Rosa Parks

Link to Rosa Parks Original Reflections Letter after her arrest.

Archived in the Library of Congress Primary Source Documents.

The open disrespect I felt as a teacher,

Particularly from students not under my direct supervision was

So painful and made me feel so bad each time

Cause I knew what was going on… the disrespect.

Eye rolling, body language, non compliance

Refusing to answer even a simple question

Or follow simple instructions.

The flagrant Disrespect wasn’t helping them.

And it made me feel bad. Crushing.

People just hating on you for the color of your skin

Or the position you may hold.

And the idea that you're the enemy...

When all evidence points otherwise.

Confronting the injustice of open disrespect and verbal disrespect…

That is a Social Injustice of Inner City Living.

And I got it all day.

Until I got out.

But the violence and the injustice

Seeped into my soul.

I still got that.

We have a Social Injustice Problem

Which is a human rights problem

And not a question

As to whether Black Lives Matter.

"Someone who caters to

or exploits the weaknesses of others"

That's the definition of Pandering from Merriam Webster.


The Bias of Complaints.

It’s not about race.

It’s about Social Injustice.

Chauvin has 18 Officer Complaints against him.

And a couple of Citations for Excellence or Courage.

The most dynamic in any given group: the leaders;

They lead.

Domestic Violence call at 2am in July in the inner city,

Any city, doesn’t matter.

A six floor walk-up in a high rise project in Camden, or Philly or Detroit.

One of those calls where the woman is getting beat to shit

While still on the fucking phone.

911 Operator: Does he have a gun?

Caller: Bitch, what the fuck you think?!

It’s hot after a workout

Of walking or jogging or running up steps.

The scared, the slow, the fat, the lazy cops…

They drive slow, they walk slow

They’re the last ones to engage

And they rarely take risks.

(They also have the least amount of Complaints against them).

And then there’s the guy who ran up the steps

And is standing at the door in a dark hallway, sweating.

And on the other side of that door

It sounds like someone is killing that bitch.

Chauvin’s the guy who kicks in the fucking door.

Gets in the house

And then kicks in the bathroom door

to get to the bad guy.

Who’s gonna do it?

You Captain Weinberg?

(re: A Few Good Men.)


The world is still living Rocky IV.

The cold war is over

And I don’t know what this one is called yet

But it’s the same story line…

Capitalism VS. Socialism

Putin and Russian with China.

They grab the Muslims

and gathered as many Latinos

as they can.

The idea is to undermine the Capitalist System.

And it’s based on Populist tactics:

Populism is an appeal to the emotion of perceived Injustice.

It's pandering and it works

in spite of empirical evidence

and repeated failures with death by the sword or by starvation…

The current bankrupt state of Venezuela

is the most recent failure.

There is a small percentage of folk

Who present themselves as victims

And feel like victims.

They've been provided an excuse

that has nothing to do with Personal Responsibility.

Life happens to these people.

And they will always exist.

That's the group where

Education is needed most.

Because those people are being manipulated. Used.

Pandered to by Populist Socialist leaders

and presented with a common enemy

and an excuse for why your life is

as it is.

John McWhorter gives away almost all of the books

on Amazon.

Click "Look Inside."

Losing the Race: Self Sabatoge in Black America, 2001.


Winning the Race: Beyond the Crisis in Black America, 2006.


Voting tampering and Political Machinations?

Nigga Please.

Right now there are buildings full of Russians,

And buildings full of Chinese

Sitting in front of high powered computers

Getting paid to tip the scales to disrupt

the elections and the economy of their common enemy:

Democracy and the Free Market Economy.

Black Lives Matter co-founder was on the panel

Of Latin American Leaders in 2015.

The speaker was President Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela.

He had come to the US under the safety

Of the UN. Free Pass to say what he chose.

He wanted to speak about Police Brutality in the United States.

And align himself with the plight of the black man

Under the oppressive white oligarchy.

The imperialists.

(He still uses that word).

Two years later he was again allowed Safe Passage

To speak at the UN.

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Fernando Alban

also came to speak in 2017.

And when he returned to Venezuela

He was arrested at the airport

And shortly thereafter he fell out a window

while in police custody

From the tenth floor

Of the National Police Station.

(Note: About a month ago 3 doctors in Russia

Fell out of windows.

People get clumsy when under Socialist Systems.)

More on Fernando Alban from Rueters.

More on Clumsy Russian Doctors from ABC News.

Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant

A noted Socialist occupies City Hall

On June 9th.

Full article on Forbes here.

“I don’t deny it. The rebellion is still happening.

That shows you the complete failure of capitalism as a system.” - Kshama Sawant.

Was it a Black Lives Matter March

Or was it an Anti Capitalism March?

Depends who you ask.

Kshama is a Native of India who became a U.S. Citizen

About 10 years ago.

And ran for political office.

She pushed for the $15 minimum Wage.

Not bad right?

She also would like to Expropriate Boeing, Amazon and Microsoft.

She’d like to seize private property for the working class.

Note: Property Rights are what separate

The first from the third world.

(See Alan Greenspan: Age of Turbulence on Amazon.)

There is a clever back story to the art of expropriating.

It never works for one.

But it buys votes.

And keeps people in power.

Like Fidel Castro.

A dictator by any measure.

The Cuban government employs

Over 70% of the workforce.

And once you own the voting block.

And scrub out anyone who would dare

Not vote for you.

You get to stay in power for decades.

Like Fidel.

And Finally…

On the tearing down of Statues:

Preserve Art.

Don’t destroy art.

For however uncomfortable it may make you.

That feeling will open a dialogue

Until that feeling dissipates

From self and thus from the culture.

Aunt Jemimah, Uncle Ben and Mrs. Butterworth

Are Cultural Culinary Icons.

And no black face on the box

Feels like whitewashing the past.

And if statues are to come down…

We may as well start with the Statue of Liberty.

Colonial France was pretty rough.

And not so big on Human Rights.

I’d say we should take that down too.

The Pyramids?

I don’t think the Great Wall of China was a Union Job either.

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