Puerto Escondido Bodysurf Club. Playa Zicatela.

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

The first get together

Of many more to come.

Cada Domingo.


Frente de Farbar.

This is an Open Invite.

Miguel Noyola, Waterman, Pioneer of Surf of Puerto Escondido and Sport and Tour Fishing Captain.

You can see the name Noyola on the Founder's Wall in the Pantheon of Puerto Escondido, El Bosque Cementerio Historico de Municipal.

Or you will see the name of Julio Soto Noyola who is an artist and waterman and Surf Instructor. For the past five years his art has been on the cover of Viva Puerto. He is currently painting the Lifeguard Towers.

Or Jaret Noyola who I made a connection with in the water when an offshore blew and monsters crashed the day before the Mexpipe Warriors Conetst 2019.

I met Don Santiago Noyola on the beach at Playa Coral where he has been making his living as a diver for the past 47 years. Three hours underwater a day. He is primary source information about the health of the reefs and turtle population.

It was a great pleasure to share the waves with Miguel Noyola on a Sunday morning.

This is Playa Zicatela with "no waves." This day was considered "Flat."

PXM Bodysurf Club Inaugural event.
Captain Miguel Noyola, Pioneer of Surf of Puerto Escondido.

David Dillon, a gentlemen in Love, a waterman.

The best the United States has to offer.

Playa Zicatela Bodysurf
David Dillon there.

Luca Cardoso is back. Junior Lifeguard. Youngest Competitor in the Bodysurf Zicatela 2019 Contest.
The shadow is me, John P. Murphy.
PXM Bodysurf Club
Luca Cardoso, Waterman, Junior Lifeguard. A gentleman.

Gustavo Boltjes, of Finca las Nieves Coffee (est. 1880), is a Waterman and Agro Fit. And a yearly Competitor in the Bodysurf Zicatela Contest.

There are only two kinds of people in the coffee business: Gustavo is the kind who wears work boots. He's of the earth yet transitions to the water without making mud.

I hadn't sent him a message but he heard in the line-up that morning, Jaret yelled over to him, "The Cabrones are coming!"

We swam like fishies in the sea.

See what he does at Finca Las Nieves.

They have Plantation Tours and have programs where you can work on the farm (or you can just buy the coffee from their website):


PXM Bodysurf Club supports the Lifeguards, the Junior Lifeguards,and the Pioneers of Surf... all of Puerto Escondido.

Thank you Flow Handplanes and Kpaloa Fins.

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