Pulling Out of Georgia, Shirley will Understand.

Updated: Apr 18

MLB baseball pulled outta Georgia for the All Star Game.

That’s a clever way to borrow the national voice of baseball

(And parts of Canada)

And stick it into State Politics.

Each game generates revenue.

For the state and for people.

State provides services like education,

After school programs

Stuff like that.

MLB takes that money away from the state.

Sovereign Nations pinching dictators aside,

Economic embargoes are best left

to the Individual Consumer

(Buy MLB stuff or don't).

And not to be wielded against

We the People

Of any one U.S. State.

Be better off giving more money

To At Risk Schools in the state.

Or Voter Education in the state.

Do that.

But don’t just take away from those who need you most.

Provide education and opportunity.

We already know who needs it the most:

The kids who live there on the map...

and are online learning

for the past year.

Pulling Out is the least effective method of social reform (and other things ;)


I think of Liz.

She was into this All Star game for a 100 bucks.

She’s any parking attendant outside the stadium.

You can bet she’s a mother

And probably single.

Making ten bucks an hour under the hat,

She sells side-hustle bottled water.

After a 10 hour shift

She and the kids will be stoked to eat a bucket of KFC

Or pizzas and cheese fries, two cheese fries!

Then we’ll be living.

She’s black white or brown

Her kids go to urban schools.

They see fights almost every day.

They are prone to violence, asthma, diabetes

Obesity and incarceration.

Their greatest financial success

Is 5-6 grand at tax time.

She’s losing a 100 dollars on what’s supposed to be game night.

Commissioner of MLB and all those players

And state senators and congress people.

Their dinner plans didn’t change much.

Will Smith and the Movie Emancipation pulled outta Georgia.

Just ask Shirley down at the Motel 8.

She thought she’d be cleaning rooms

Until she dies.

She moves slower since her hip went,

then she lost that toe to diabetes.

She gets along alright though.

Marta’s her helper,

they split what tiny tips come from mostly empty rooms.

Marta’s lean and Puerto Rican and fast and happy.

She’s got two kids in their teens

And a man on the road.