PXM Bodysurf Club. Sunday mornings. Round 2.

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

"The Hand of God Technique"

Favored by Traditionalists

(and Argentinians).

And in this case, David Dillon, a California surf guy who resides in Puerto Escondido and surfs Zicatela.

"Both times I got hurt here I hit the bottom. Shoulder and knee," said Dave. He was talking about surfing in bigger stuff but the concept applies. Always. I'd learn.

Bodysurf Playa Zicatela.  PXM Bodysurf Club.  Sunday Mornings.
David Dillon, The Hand of God Technique. Photo by John P. Murphy

David Dillon. Palm to the Sky. An Offering yet Ready to Receive.
Like Poseidon. David Dillon.
David's Back for the Second PXM Bodysurf Club Get Together.

Pako Samperio, a Pioneer of Surf of Puerto Escondido.

Busted up his knee thirty years ago between surfing Zicatela and playing Tennis.

He's in Rehab now and developing his own relationship with the water.

He brought a ball.

We had a ball.

And he practiced his strokes.

For the Full Feature on Pako (who swam the bay in Aculpoco in 1971...Click Here.

Pako Samperio, Pioneer of Surf Puerto Escondido.

It's all in the elbow.

The mechanics of the Front Crawl, Freestyle.

And the mechanics of the Butterfly.

Elbows up and out and make yer hands as big as possible.

Pako Samperio, Waterman. Elbows up. Photos by John P. Murphy
Pako taking a run at the butterfly. Muscle Memory.

Invert Project in the water.

Gadiel Vazquez, bodyboarder.

Two years running Bodyboard Competitions and supporting Local Kids in the water.

Big Respect Gadiel and Invert!

Gadiel Vazquez. (I'll take a windless Flag Shot on that).
PXM Bodysurf Club.  Farbar in the Morn.  by John P. Murphy
Puerto Escondido, Playa Zicatela. Farbar in the morn. Photo by John P. Murphy

David Dillon was the last Cabron in the water.

Dave and his wife are cordially invited to the PXM Bodysurf ClubHouse for coffee, tea (or something stronger).

PXM Bodysurf Club supports the Junior Lifeguards, The Lifeguards and the Pioneers of Surf... all of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. One of the 10 heaviest Waves in the World.

Thank you Flow Handplanes and Kpaloa Fins for your continued support.

Nos vemos en el agua.

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