San Francisco Takes a Mulligan. Mama T. and Lady Di. The Boy Scouts and the Church Step Up.

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

In the News:

San Francisco bans reusable bags.

San Fran was one of the first cities to ban plastic bags.

They're gonna

Take a Mulligan.

Plastic isn't the problem.

Non existent recycling programs

and lack of education for the marginalized;

(the folk up river in third world countries).

A recycled piece of plastic never choked a sea turtle

because it stays in the system.

Plastic isn't an enemy.

Ignorance is.

(And lack of education up river).

Full article about San Francisco's recent ban on reusable bags on The Hill.

ODD Fellows.

The International Order of the ODD Fellows was established in London in 1731.

And in the US in 1806

And although a fraternity they formed a branch called the Rebekahs,

recognizing a way long time ago the importance of women in this life.

The mission of the ODD Fellows is simple:

"visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan."

Old people and orphans. The sick and the dead. Easy causes to get behind.

An ODD Fellow Lodge may be self started

with a quorum of five folk

all in agreement.

Notable ODD Fellows in History: Churchill, Truman, Chaplin. Eleanor Roosevelt and Georgia Dwelle, First female African American Physician.

For more on the ODD Fellows.


Before they changed their names, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu

and Diana Spencer both sat in fifth grade desks.

Mother Theresa and Princess Diana died on the same day in 1997.

At the time I thought Mother Theresa

got short changed in the media coverage.

But now I see it's foolish to compare lives,

Mine to yours or yours to anyone's.

We're all living the same finite set of emotions.

Loss and doubt strike us all. Death is coming.

And you can't compare the depth of emotions.

(Did you ever make the mistake of saying,

"It's only a cat," when someone's cat died?)

Emotional Pain and Doubt are inherent to the human condition.

It's what we decide to do with this life .

And the commonalities among us. The shared experience.

These two didn't even need to meet to understand one another.

The shoes. The shoes.

They comforted the sick

and attended to the needs of the old

and the orphaned.

They shook hands with lepers.

Princess Diana shook hands and sat on the bed of an AIDS patient

in 1997 when people thought

that disease was

meant to kill-off the gay people

(and drug users as a bonus).

She sat on his bed. Let people take a picture.

(Half the folk thought she was surely gonna catch it.

And of the other 50%...

half those people thought she might.)

But AIDS and Lepers are details.

Both women,(like you and like me)

Suffered doubt and half the voices in their heads told them

"This is a fucking terrible mistake."

(Maybe that's my voice, not theirs.)

But they went on their way,

not guided by fear of death...

but a passion for Life, for living.

A passion for humanity.

For more on Princess Diana's Charity Work here is a Harper's Bazaar article.

The Boy Scouts and The Catholic Church

There is a real opportunity here

for both of these organizations

to step forward and say,

this is what we are and this is what we stand for.

In service.

To comfort the sick.

Assist the old and the orphaned.

To educate.

The marginalized, the orphans, young folk

and the folk up river.

About Recycling and Health and Hygiene.

Take a look at the Boy Scouts of America

Medicine Merit Badge Requirements.

It's the stuff the whole world should know

to help flatten a curve,

or avoid one

as much as possible.

Full BSA Merit Badge Requirements.

Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto!

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