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Snow Rollers.

The wind catches an edge

and gravity plays its part

Until a ball is formed.

And sunlight and temperature play their part

And it slowly builds,

catching edges.

It's like how Ryan writes.

An edge catches in his mind

And thoughts in the wind

become letters words sentences and paragraphs

That roll into pages that I kept turning

(As I became a part of the equation).

Snow rollers melt and freeze

Roll and melt and freeze.

Steady like.

And if all the conditions are right.

The wind blows the center right out.

That's what reading Above an Abyss was like.

Both novellas: "Trampoline Games" and "Moth Child."

Same thing.

The voice is consistent

and honest

(which is no small trick)

And like the wind on snow rollers.

Ryan just blows out the middle

of what we might think to be true.

And afterwards, like the characters, we're not the same.

Now Available on Amazon: Above and Abyss: Two Novelas.

About the Author:

Ryan Masters:

From the film The Departed:

"People see the ring, they think, 'At least one person can stand the son of a bitch.'"

In Ryan's case, it's two.


Ryan in Puerto Escondido, Mexico 2018.

He's inclined to swimming and bodysurfing in Big Waves.

Which is an exercise in drowning really.

Because the moments of glory are balanced out by the

underwater part. The lack of air in a desperate way.

He wrote about one of those experiences for Surfer's Journal in 2016:

Mavericks teaches humility: "Thou shalt suffer hubris no more."

Excellent Article:

"What Lies Beneath." by Ryan Masters.

Ryan Masters bodysurfing Playa Zicatela.
Ryan Masters, Writer. Puerto Escondido. Playa Zicatela. Photo by Miguel Diaz Westside.

From a Surfers Journal article by Ryan Masters in 2005:

He gives the Keys to Ghost Tree.

"The optimal is going to be 35-45' at 17-22 seconds on the Monterrey Buoy with glassy or east winds from 295-310 degrees." Don Curry.

See Full Article: Ghost Tree Rare Birds. by Ryan Masters.

Ryan Masters: The Bard.

And yet more from the talented Mr. Ryan Masters....


The Suborbitals are huge in Copenhagen.

Many Thanks Ryan Masters, Poet at Large.

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