The Children of Childhood Cancer: SUP in Puerto Escondido. Say It with a Smile.

The Foundation Sonrisas de Carita de Angel helps children and their families living with Childhood Cancer.

Delia Montserrath helped organize this SUP Event.

Amisurf (The Mexican Association of Instructor's of Surf) acted as guides and the Puerto Escondido Lifeguards ran a ski.

And a whale surfaced to visit the bay of Puerto Angelito in Puerto Escondido.

And a turtle hid below.

Mil Gracias a todos los participantes.

Childhood Cancer Kids SUP.  Photo by John P. Murphy

"I Got You (with Paco Callejas)."

"Home James, and Don't Spare the Horses." In this case James (and the horses) is 5x Mexican National Surf Champion, Coco Ramirez. Maim Silva in background.

Childhood Cancer SUP Photo by John P. Murphy

A Parent.

Delia Monserrath Castañeda, DMC SUP. You see that guy's head behind her paddle? It's not a trick of perspective, D really is that large. A giant. With Vision. Bravo.

It was special for everyone.

Puerto Escondido Lifeguard.

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