Surf Open League Huatulco 2019, Playa Zipolite and Nicolas Jean Pierre La Faou Martinez.

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

I was looking for a splash shot.

Two hours on a small motorcycle from Puerto Escondido, Oax

to Huatulco and there was little surf to speak of

(and coffee colored water).

It just wasn't the day.

Which is how Surf Contests work out sometimes.

Ranfery and Jaun de Dios, both of Erizos Fins, in the Semi Final.
Ranfury Ruiz wins the Men's Boydoard Division at 2019 Surf Open League Huatulco.
I saw Adrian Gato Rodriguez from the Sayulita Banda.
He Founded Costeño Surf School Sayulita, Mexico.

I first met Gato at the 2018 PXM Surf Contest in Puerto Escondido.

Where I learned about Love and Peace just seeing the guy.

He showed up for the Rules Meeting shoe less and shirtless

like a boxer for the weigh in.

And then he shook each persons hand on the dias.

It was noticeable because I don't remember anyone else doing that.

He went right down the line

and since I was the only one who didn't already know him.

He gave me his name.


Random shot but no less poignant:
Travis Southworth: "In the Bull Run."
A gentleman.

"Travis Southworth:  In the Bull Run."
Travis Southworth, Professional Surfer. Photo by John P. Murphy

And I saw Juan de Dios, a Puerto Escondido local de buena onda.

He's sponsored by Erizo Fins.

And although he was competing against Ranfury Ruiz (the eventual winner),

He paddled over and made sure I got a shot of the energy...

La onda.

La vibra.

Asi es Juan de Dios...

I stayed at the contest for just a short time. I wanted to see a splash.

So I headed towards home.

And stopped at Playa Zipolite, Mexico’s only Nude Beach.

I've been swimming Playa Zicatela for the last 7 years,

One of the 10 Heaviest Waves in the World.

So Zipolite was Fuuun...

At no time did I fear for my life or want for air while underwater.

In Zicatela there are long moments of uncertainty, where you see stars for a different reason.

These are stars from Playa Zipolite, Mexico's only Nude Beach.  They are different from the stars I see underwater at Playa Ziacatela, Mexpipe.
Seeing Stars Underwater by John P. Murphy, Writer.

The water was so blue at Zipolite.
No mud from the mountains.
Only one surfer in the water around mid day.
I never got his name. Anybody know who this guy is...?

He he gave me what I was looking for...

The Splash Shot.
(And a high five as bonus.)
Rider Unknown as of yet.
UPDATE: The Rider is... Nicolas Jean Pierre Le Faou Martinez... Now competing in the Oaxaca Pro in Playa Zicatela.

Mil Gracias a Roxel Perez and the Surf Open League, Mexico.
Gracias a Toñio (No Antonio, el es de la tarde) de Hotel El Alquimista y Zipolite Surf Camp.

All Photos by John P. Murphy.

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