Throwback Thursday... Hookers and Blow.

In Jaco, Costa Rica I lived a block from the beach where the waves broke everyday.

There's a fish tank and a piano keyboard

inside that little studio condo (with A/C).

I was 40 years old and was an English Coordinator

at a local school where I worked part time

helping teachers become better teachers

and children to become life long learners.

Within 100 yards there was:

A pizza place owned by my friends,

a supermarket and a movie theater

(big time for Latin America).

And there was a park and a bar

that every night was filled with hookers

and blow.

Sometimes when I passed by

and if there were groups of men entering or leaving,

I'd yell "Dad!"

Just to see the startled energy pass through the group of overweight Hawaiian shirts puffing Cuban cigars.

John P. Murphy, Playa Jaco 2012. Photo by Dennis Kennedy.

In the picture on the upper right you can see a pull up bar.

I'd recommend that for anyone.

Good to have around.

And that Mitsubishi Lancer in the driveway:

Stick shift, diesel and 3rd Row Seating;

it went great sideways on dusty rally roads

along the Nicoya Peninsula.

During that period from 2010 to 2012.

I slept with the light on.

A 100 watt spotlight. Outright.

It was silver and pegged to the headboard.

That was the lowest point in my life.

Ten years ago.

Iguana Rock, Playa Zicatela. Puerto Escondido, Mexico 2020. Photo by John P. Murphy

Gracias a la vida que me a dado tanto!

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