Puerto Weekend Review: Fresh and Flow Motocross, Gabriel Sodre and Rey Hernandez

Updated: Oct 22, 2019


It was an ODD Weekend in Puerto Escondido

(but like the Brand)

it was a good ODD.

Surf and Free Style Motorcross...


For more info on Coco Ramirez Surf Adventures... click on the foto.

Rey Hernandez is a Pro Surfer.

We sat down in Coco Ramirez's office

And big trophies from 5 National Surfing Championships

starred down at us.

I met Rey on Roxel Perrez's Podcast: Beach Break.

He's got light all around him and several things he said nailed it.

This young man is a winner.

I found out everything I needed to know.

But know very little about Rey the surfer.

Except that he won the Huatulco Surf Competition a couple of weeks ago.

And the surfing part is the least important.

It's not surfing that even interests me...

It's how he got to be where he is...

And what Rey is going to do next.

He'll be a pro surfer for I don't know how long...

But he'll be a leader for the rest of his life.

Full Profile on Rey Hernandez coming soon...

Rey Hernandez, Huatulco 2019 Surf Champ. "Hands in the Air."

When I left Rey on Saturday
I found these guys in the street.

Erick Ruiz and MC.

You only need to know one word to understand motorcross

(and the people good at):


The answer is always gas.

Saturday afternoon and I left them to repairing their rig.

Sunday Morning...

I went looking for Gabriel Sodre.

He's a student of Big Waves

And a student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

He's not hard to find.

Getting to him is another story.

Full Feature Coming soon...

"Gabriel Sodre, Big Waves and a White Belt."
There are a lot of things that can go wrong in surf photography.

I saw Gabriel catch a wave.

But the camera didn't.

I did catch this guy.

He made it.


Fresh and Flow Crew put on a Free Style Motor Cross (FMX) show in Puerto Escondido on Sunday at noon.

The Bilingual Master of Ceremonies.


Godofredo Vasquez looks on, Longtime Lifeguard and Celebrating 20 Years Leading the Junior Lifeguards of Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Hasta los bebes disfrutaban el show.

Mil gracias ODD, Rey Hernandez, Coco Ramirez, Godofredo Vasquez and Fresh and Flow... Erick Ruiz and Crew...
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