Hand Planed Fine Grain Pine. 6 1/2” x 8 1/2”. Buoyant Silk Thread Leash. Marine Varnished deck and Linazo Oiled bottom. This is a Big Wave Board.  A Heavy Water board.   The design is specifically for Playa Zicatela, One of the 10 Heaviest Waves in the world.  A bigger board has a better chance of killing me.  Anything strapped in tight and the Lifeguards will be looking for an arm with a handplane attached. The board improves power to the swimming stroke and will get you enough lift to get those extra two meters down the line.  Two meters closer to air.  Further away from that which is best left behind. (That's how I see it anyways.)

PXM Pro Model.

  • Clean with fresh water after use.

    Don't store it in direct sunlight.